Coin Tricks

It is always fun to do things that impress other people so here are some of the coolest coin tricks that you can do to impress other people.

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coin tricks
Penny Magic
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Penny Magic

1. Penny magic is one of my favorite things because it allows you to stack coins in ways you would have thought impossible. It uses strong magnets and pennies that are magnetic, which makes it so they all stick together. This is so fun to use and there is no figuring out how something works so you can start showing off to people right when you get it.This is such an easy coin trick that could entertain anyone for hours and if you want you can throw a piece of paper over the top of the magnets when there is other people around and everyone would think it is magic. Here is a short video showing some simple coin tricks you can do with this.
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2. If you are a person that just want’s to go to a friends house and pull off some cool coin tricks, one of the simplest ones is simply making a coin vanish. It is a very a very simple coin trick and is so easy to learn and the best thing about it is that you don’t need anything but a quarter so you can do this anywhere. It would be hard to explain how to do this in words so here is a short video showing you how.

That is one of many tricks with coins that you can do and there is so many more out there. If you want to learn a lot of tricks in one spot, unlike youtube where you would have to go through hundreds of videos to find cool tricks you want to learn you can buy a dvd set that shows you how to do coin tricks. It has 4 cd’S and shows you how to do over 170 different tricks and is definitely worth checking out. Buy it from amazon here. I hope you found some cool coin magic tricks.


3. If you feel like you are not very good at slight of hand tricks or you have friends that are very intent on figuring out the magic tricks you pull off than try out a magic coin case. As long as you are the only one that knows how to use it than nobody will ever figure out how you do your trick. It can make a coin disappear, reappear and can even change the coin. This is such a simple coin magic trick.

Tricks with Coins
Magic Coin Case

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Thanks for checking out coin magic tricks and hope you enjoy fooling some people with these new learned tricks. These are some of the coolest magic tricks with coins and I hope you found some interesting things.